Fëa Livia is a non-profit association that specializes in publishing magazines and books about avant-garde larp and roleplaying.

Formed in 1992, the association published the magazine Fëa Livia, the largest avant-garde larp magazine in Sweden, between 1993-2005. You can read more about it and download older magazines (in Swedish!) here.

In 2010 Fëa Livia published the book award-winning book Nordic Larp, edited by Tampere University researchers Markus Montola and Jaakko Stenros. You can download the book and read more about it here. The hard copies are completely sold out.

In 2016 Fëa Livia published the nano-game anthology #Feminism– a collection of 34 nano-games by writers from 11 different countries. The second edition is printed by Pelgrane press – you can now buy your copy of #Feminism here.

Fëa Livia is run by Anna Westerling, Anders Hultman and Martin Rother-Shirren.

Contact Fëa at: info@fealivia.se